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"God is always speaking, the key is to tune into the right channel."

He's talking, but are you listening? Join Jennifer Maggio & Elizabeth Demarest and they discuss Unanswered Prayers and how to hear from God. This is a good one ladies, and you don't want to miss it!

Elizabeth Demarest is a mom, wife, author of 2 books, speaker, and works to inspire women around the world to pursue purity and unearth their God-breathed dreams. We are proud to announce her as one of our Single Mom University instructors. So if you haven't seen her classes, be sure to enroll today and check her out. Want to know more about Elizabeth? Visit her page at

Did you know Single Mom University is home to over 70+ single mom centric online classes that cover all things parenting, finances, physical and emotional well-being, and spiritual health? 100% self-paced. 100% created just for you. And 100% free for 3 months if you use the coupon code: TLSMPOD. Visit today and get started!

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Welcome ladies to this weeks podcast - Surviving the Down & Out Season! Whew...We have all been there. Sometimes it seems like it will never get better. It seems like things are looking really dark. You want to crawl in bed and just stay there. Well, Jennifer Maggio & Mercy Lokulutu get together to offer you a word of encouragement. You got this momma! Check it out!

You may have seen Mercy Lokulutu at one of our many conferences. She's a public speaker, author of As You Wish, and long-time ministry friend who has a passion to teach and preach the Bible. For more info, visit her website at

Did you know that The Life of a Single Mom's mission is to offer you support? We work to connect single moms to support groups across the nation. If you aren't connected to a group, get connected today by visiting!

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Tune into Jennifer Maggio & Shannon Ethridge as they discuss how God makes beauty from ashes! Whatever your past looks like - the failures, the shortcomings, the feelings of guilt - it's time to take off the mask! God can use it all so be encouraged with this weeks video.

Shannon Ethridge is a million-copy best-selling author, international speaker, and Certified Life Coach. She speaks to youth, college students, and adults to empower, encourage, and offer insight on relationships and sexual morals. For more info, visit

We are on a mission to ensure that #NoSingleMomWalksAlone! Visit our website at for resources, free articles, podcasts, videos, and more!

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We have a good one for you this week, ladies! Jennifer Maggio & Mercy Lokulutu get REAL with this week's topic about being Anxious for Everything! What are you anxious for? What things are you battling? How can you find that release? Stay tuned!

You may have seen Mercy Lokulutu at one of our many conferences. She's a public speaker, author of As You Wish, and long-time ministry friend who has a passion to teach and preach the Bible. For more info, visit her website at

The Life of a Single Mom exists to ensure that you are not walking alone. So make sure you stop by our website ( for resources, weekly encouragement, and more!

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Thanks for joining us on the TLSM Podcast Series! This week we are discussing the Importance of Self-Care. Despite everything you may have going on, it is crucial to take time for YOU! When you're at your best, your kids get your best. So tune in to hear Jennifer Maggio share practical ways to be the best you!

Jennifer Maggio, Founder of The Life of a Single Mom, is an award-winning author and speaker, whose personal journey through homelessness, abuse, and multiple teen pregnancies resonates with moms across the country. She works to ensure that #NoSingleMomWalksAlone. For more info, visit

Need more resources & encouragement? Be sure to stop by to see how we can support you!

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Are you a hurting single mom? Tune into Jennifer Maggio & Joy Anisa as they discuss how to find healing from hurt.

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Launch Ideas

Are you a current ministry leader looking for fresh, new ideas to kick off the upcoming semester in your support group? Or maybe you are looking to start a group and need event ideas to promote it and get the ladies in the door? Join Jennifer Maggio, founder & CEO of The Life of a Single Mom as she shares some creative (and fun!) ideas to get the ladies there!

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Time Management

Do you find yourself struggling trying to keep up with everything you have going on? Learn how to manage your time more effectively as Jennifer Maggio shares her tips and tricks. Check it out!

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How to Connect with Your Children During this Busy Season

Do you find yourself in a busy season? I mean, let's be honest, you're probably ALWAYS in a busy season, right? It's easy to become so focused on the millions of things you have on your task list everyday that you put connecting with your kids on the back burner. Today, join Jennifer Maggio as she discussing ways that you can connect with your children during your busy season!

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One of the core areas that we have found single moms struggle in the most deals with our finances. Join Jennifer Maggio & Pastor Alton Jamison as they dive into shifting your mindset and taking the steps needed to Move From Lack to Abundance. Check it out!

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Do you find yourself in a relationship right now and are wondering if he is THE ONE for you? Or maybe you’re thinking about getting back into the dating scene – we know…scary right? Well, this podcast is for you! Jennifer Maggio, Chief Executive Officer of The Life of a Single Mom with the The Life of a Single Mom’s podcast series brings you the latest: Top Warning Signs You’re Dating Mr. Wrong!


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